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How to Choose the Right WordPress Professional

How to Choose the Right WordPress Professional

WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms out there. There are millions of websites using WordPress and thousands of WordPress developers offering their services. How do you choose the right WordPress professional to trust on your WordPress project?

Here are three things you should consider:


The good news is that WordPress is a well-known and well-documented platform. While finding a developer with specific WordPress experience might not be necessary for basic WordPress projects, your goal should be to find a professional developer who has experience working with WordPress and software development. When interviewing, ask WordPress professionals details about the projects they’ve worked on and find out if they have specific experience with a project similar to yours. The goal is not to find developers who answer yes to your questions, but pay attention on how they answer and how confident and knowledgeable they seem to be.


For any web development project, choosing a professional developer who understands your needs and communicates well is indispensable. Before you hire a developer or development team, arrange Skype or at least phone conversations to see how well they interact with you. Meeting in-person or at least using Skype with video, would allow you to see how they interact with you, pay attention to body language too. A good personality and good communication skills can translate to a smooth working relationship, the goal is to find someone who you are comfortable with and who you can trust with your business.


Be careful when choosing the type of professional developer you and your budget needs. For example, when you’re on a tight budget and you know exactly what you need, look for a technically focused developer that just focuses on completing tasks. However, if you have specific objectives in mind such as increasing leads, more registrations, site availability and achieving results is your priority, look for a developer with an educative and consultative approach who can offer recommended solutions to achieve your business objectives and stay within your budget.

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