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How To Configure Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags on Your Site

How To Configure Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags on Your Site

Are you using the right Facebook Open Graph tags on your #WordPress website? How about Twitter Card tags? or Google+ Schema?

These are the tags used by these social media sites to create an Open Graph object when people share your site/blog on these platforms.

For example, since our site Webmica has been setup with both Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags – when I post a link to our website on Twitter it looks like this as opposed to just a link:

The Twitter card above is generated automatically because we have configured Twitter Cards on our site. It shows the website’s title, a description, a photo, and the card itself is a link to the site. All of these values are configurable.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, use the following links to verify if your blog/website is setup with the correct Open Graph/Twitter Card tags/Google+ Schema:

Facebook Open Graph:

Twitter Card Validator:

Google+ Schema validator:

If after using the validation tools above you find out that your website or blog aren’t using the proper title, description, or image that represents your blog or website, then I recommend you fix this by installing the following WP plugin:

Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags

Once you install this plugin, you can then set the default title, description, image, etc for your site to be used when people share links from your blog or website. If you end up installing this tool, validate the results using the Facebook/Twitter links above.

Need help setting this up on your WordPress website? Let us know, we can help.

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