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Migrate Squarespace site to WordPress

Migrate Squarespace site to WordPress


Let’s migrate your Squarespace site to WordPress


Squarespace websites look great, but if you want more control, then your site will need to be migrated to a new platform, like WordPress. There are many migration tools and tutorials on how to do this, but these tools and tutorials only refer on how to migrate the data of a simple site. We know it isn’t always as straight forward as we think it is, but no worries, we are here to help.

Squarespace templates don’t migrate, so if you want a similar layout we’ll have to make the modifications manually. After migrating the website we will take a look at recreating some of the layout elements if necessary.

If you already have a WordPress template you want to use, then we’ll just migrate all of the data such as blog posts, pages, images, other media assets, and recreate the menus for you.

What’s included:

  • Transfer of all posts, pages, and media assets.
  • Transfer of all categories and tags.
  • Recreation of menus and custom pages.
  • A visual drag & drop page builder that works with any WordPress theme.
  • Recreation of all admin users and blog posts authors.
  • Speed and security overview and recommendations.
  • Plugin overview and recommendations

* This service includes one month of post-project diagnostic support for free.

* This service is for websites with up to 500 URLs. If you have a website with more than 500 URLs, please contact us.


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